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不论你多大年纪 - 我们都有适合你的德语课: 如果你 18 岁或更大,你可以参加我们在 GLS 柏林校园   全年开办的德语课. 如果你还要年轻一点儿,你可以夏天在我们这儿学德语: 你可以选择在 柏林 慕尼黑 的夏令营:


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  1. Sailing 
    is possible in Berlin Young & Fun Camp (7-14 years) & Berlin Water Sports Camp (13-17 years)
  2. Tennis
    Classes are available at Berlin Young & Fun (7-14 years) or Munich Young and Fun (7-14 years) Summer Camp
  3. Football
    become the new Lionell Messi at Munich Young & Fun Summer Camp (7-14 years)
  4. Windsurfing
    on Lake Wolzig at Berlin Water Sports Camp (13-17 years)

德国适合青少年的德语 - why GLS?

3 decades of experience

GLS is one of Germany´s foremost specialists for junior language programs, with 3 decades of experience. Every year GLS sends ca. 1.800 German juniors abroad (with the GLS Schülersprachreisen), while at the same time welcoming ca. 1.200 international juniors in Germany. GLS offers:

  • summer camps in very attractive and metropolitan regions
  • wide age range: from 7 to 18 years
  • residential and home stay options
  • possibilty to learn German all year round by attending a German high school - flexible starting dates for short stays of 2 or 3 months

GLS - a "key provider" of junior courses in Germany

junior courses in Germany

British journalist Jane Vernon Smith recently wrote an article about key providers of junior courses in different countries. The article was published in Jan 2011 in LTM Language Travel Magazine, the leading business publication in educational travel. Jane also talked to Sabine Kalina, who oversees all junior courses at GLS - read more about the  junior courses in Germany